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The problems listed below can be solved with our unique build process and the use of patented solutions integrated into our products which is available on our Level 1 Isolation or higher shelving options. Vibration is controlled on an industry-leading level with every Audio Vault USA product.

Table of Contents

  1. EMF
  2. EMI
  3. ESD
  4. RFI
  5. Vibration


Typically an electromagnetic field of 60-120 Hz can create a distinct “hum” in all audio equipment.


Almost all electronic components create electromagnetic interference due to the fact that voltage generates an electromagnetic field. The higher the voltages and frequencies, the more EMI will be generated.


Electrostatic discharge is when you are statically charged and have the potential to shock and harm your equipment through electrostatic discharge but the reverse is also a possibility where your equipment could shock you.


Radio frequency interference has similar effects and shielding requirements to EMI. Unlike EMI however, RFI describes the effect that high frequency radio signals may have on electronic components, units or how a variety of RFI emitting products may affect each other.


All electronics are susceptible to vibration.

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