My name is Joe and not only am I the lead singer and guitarist for the band Left Lane Cruiser, I live and breath all things audio. After spending some time around the Audio Vault USA reference audio rack system, I decided to write a quick review on the product.

In my opinion Audio Vault USA has left nothing to compromise in their system and are easily the best that I have ever seen. All of their racks are built like a tank and can easily handle anything you can put on them, vibration control that is out of this world and hosts a design that will make any system you can put on it look amazing. What is incredible about Audio Vault USA is that it does not stop there, the platforms are infinitely adjustable, come in standard black or any shade of beautiful solid wood, and can not only isolate from vibration but can be upgraded to isolate EMF and radio frequency, which sets it in a league of its own!

If there is one thing that really sets Audio Vault USA apart from others is how they work with their customers. All you have to do is send them a list of your equipment and they will work up a CAD drawing of a custom rack with your equipment on it at no charge, then they work with you on all the fine details to make sure you get nothing but a perfect rack for your exact needs.

In summary I say “Well done Audio Vault USA!” If you are truly proud of your audio equipment then you owe it to your equipment and yourself to check out Audio Vault USA!

Rockin Roll Joe
Left Lane Cruiser

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  • G. Fisher

    December 15th, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    I can’t say enough about Audio Vault USA racks. I originally ordered a fixed, 3 shelf rack but after further examination of my audio gear I realized that I needed additional shelving. I contacted Audio Vault USA and explained my revised specifications and without pause or hassle, the representative (Dave) was very accommodating. Dave asked a series of questions so that he would be able to properly address my needs. Never once did I feel like I was a bother during our many conversations. The customer service was impeccable! With every step of the build, Dave kept me informed via email, and sent pictures of the progress as well as letting me know what additional options were available. Upon completion, i was notified and sent tracking information. When my custom build arrived i was pleasantly surprised with the with the build quality, aesthetics, and ease of use of the unit. Finally, a happy home for my McIntosh gear. BIG THANKS to Dave and the Audio Vault USA team for the direction, communication and delivery of an impressive unit.

  • Tony S.

    January 15th, 2016 at 8:40 AM

    Love the new rack from Audio Vault USA. Dave was very helpful. He also delivered the rack to my home.

    Thanks Dave for all your help

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