Audio & Video

Whatever your needs are in audio and video rack systems or displays we have you covered. Our rack systems are not a cookie cutter type shelf. They are made of best materials available and classy for your new and vintage audio gear.


Vintage Styling

Using top grade materials we can build by design using any exotic woods, aircraft aluminum and more. Dream it, We build it. 100% USA Quality. We are a full hands on shop meaning we do not outsource our designs they are all made by our staff right here in USA.


When Quality Matters

Don't think for a second we take shortcuts. We are quality enthusiasts. We think Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls Royce are quality. We take no shortcuts in our designs, fabrications and final finished quality audio video racks. We are featured in many different publications as America's number 1 rack system.


From small in home systems to arena style systems we can deliver your product in a timely manner. We often use certain woods that are available in our facility. Those woods vary from time to time. If you have an interest in a specific wood please use the contact us form and make a request for what it is you want exactly. We do our best to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Wood Name Specie Name Country of Origin
African Blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon Tanzania
Afromosia Pericopsis elata West Africa
Alder (Spalted) Alnus spp. Canada & USA
Amboyna (Burl) Pterocarpus indicus East Indies
Aniegre (Figured) Aningeria spp. Africa
Balsa Ochroma pyramidale Ecuador
Bass Wood Tilia americana USA & Canada
Beech, English Spalted Fagus sylvatica United Kingdom
Birch, Masur Betula spp. Finland
Bloodwood Brosimum paraense Tropical America
Bocote Cordia elaeagnoides Mexico
Boxwood, English Buxus serpervirens England
Boxwood, Brazilian Gossy piospemum praecox Brazil
Boxwood,Turkish Buxus serpervirens Europe/UK/Asia
Bubinga Guibourtia spp. West Africa
Buckeye (Burl) Aesculus spp. Central California
Canary Wood Centrolobium robustum S. Brazil, Ecuador
Cedar, Spanish Cedrela odorata Tropical America
Chac Te Koke Sickingia salvadorensis Mexico
Chechen Metopium brownei Mexico
Cherry, American Black Prunus serotina Appalachians
Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa Mexico
Cocuswood Brya ebenus Jamaica / Cuba
Ebony, Asian Striped Diospyros discolor Indonesia
Ebony, Black & White Diospyros spp. SE Asia, Laos
Ebony, Gaboon Diospyros crassiflora Nigeria
Ebony, Macassar Diospyros marmorata SE Asia, Andaman Islands
Fustic Chlorophora tinctoria Tropical & So.America
Goncalo Alves Astronium fraxinifolium Brazil
Granadillo Platymiscium yucatanum Mexico
Holly Ilex opaca E.Coast United States
Imbuya Phoebe porosa Brazil
Iroko Chlorophora spp. Africa
Jarrah Eucalyptus marginata Western Australia
Jatoba Hymenaea courbaril Brazil
Katalox Swartzia cubensis Mexico
Kingwood, Brazilian Dalbergia cearensis Brazil
Kingwood, Mexican Dalbergia congestiflora Mexico
Koa Acacia koa Hawaii
Lacewood Cardwellia sublimis Australia/Queensland
Lemonwood (Degame) Calycophyllum candidissimum -
Lignum Vitae (OLD STOCK) Guaiacum sanctum Mexico
Limewood Tilia spp. United Kingdom
Louro Preto - -
Lychee (Rambutan) Nephelium Lappaceum Indonesia
Mahogany, African Khaya ivorensis Africa
Mahogany, Cuban Swietenia mahagoni Cuba, Dominican Republic
Mahogany, Honduras Swietenia macrophylla Tropical America
Mahogany, Santos Myroxylon balsamum S. America
Mallee (Burl) Eucalyptus Australia
Manzanita (Burl) Arctostaphylos-species USA
Maple Acer macrophyllum North America
Maple (Bird's Eye) Acer saccharum N.W. United States
Maple (Curly) Acer saccharum N.W. United States
Maple (Quilted) Acer saccharum N.W. United States
Maple (Spalted) Acer saccharum N. W. United States
Marblewood Marmaroxylon racemosum Guyana
Mesquite Prosopis juliflora North America
Myrtlewood Umbellularia californica West Coast USA
Osage Orange Maclura pomifera North America
Padouk Pterocarpus soyauxii Cameroon
Palm, Black Astrocaryum spp. Venezuela
Palm, Red Astrocaryum spp. Venezuela
Palm, White Astrocaryum spp. -
Parota (Guanacaste) Enterolobium cyclocarpum Mexico / Guatemala
Partridge Wood Caesalpinia granadillo Central America
Pau Amarello Euxiioophora paraensis huber Brazil
Pau Ferro Mechaerium spp. No. South America
Pear, Steamed Swiss Slabs Pyrus communis Germany, Europe
Pernambuco (Brazilwood) Guilandina echinata So.& Central America
Pink Ivory Berchemia zeyheri South Africa
Primavera Cybistax donnell-smithii Mexico, Cntl.America
Purple Heart Peltogyne spp. Central & So. America
Redwood, Coast Sequoia sempervirens California, USA
Redwood (Lace Select Burl) Sequoia sempervirens California, USA
Rosewood, Brazilian Dalbergia nigra Brazil
Rosewood, East Indian Dalbergia latifolia Asia, India
Rosewood, Hondouras Dalbergia stevensonii Central America
Rosewood, Indonesian Dalbergia latifolia India, Ceylon
Sandalwood Santalum album India
Sapele Entandrophragma cylindricum West & East Africa
Satinwood, Ceylon Chloroxylon swietenia Cntr/So.India, Sri Lanka
Shedua Guiboutia ehie Africa
Snakewood Piratinera guianensis Surinam
Sycamore (Rippled) Acer pseudoplatanus U.K., Central Europe
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras Atherosperma moschatum Tasmania
Tasmanian Blackwood (Black Acacia) Acacia melanoxylon Tasmania
Tasmanian Eucalyptus Eucalyptus obliqua Tasmania
Tasmanian Eucalyptus Resin Vein Eucalyptus obliqua Tasmania
Tasmanian Rose Myrtle Nothofagus cunninghamii Tasmania
Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle Nothofagus cunninghamii Tasmania
Teak, Burma Tectona grandis Burma, India
Teak, Plantation Tectona grandis Indonesia
Thuya (Burl) Tetraclinis articulata Morocco / Algeria
Tulipwood Dalbergia frutescens Brazil
Tzalan Lysiloma bahamensis Mexico
Verawood Buinesia arborea Tropical America
Walnut Juglans nigra E. United States, Canada
Walnut, Claro Juglans hindsii USA, California
Walnut, Peruvian Juglans neotropica Peru, Columbia
Wenge Milletia laurentii West Africa
Yellow Narra Pterocarpus indicus Philippines
Yew, English Taxus baccata Europe
Yew, Pacific Taxus brevifolia Pac.Coast, S.W. Canada
Zebrawood Microberlinia brazzavillenis West Africa
Ziricote Cordia dodecandra Mexico
3 piece mono system

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