Louis Plevritis 1-12-15 triple width v1 (final)
3 piece mono system

About Us

Audio Vault USA derived from one man’s mission, goal and dream.  We use the best materials to display your audio equipment in the best possible way for you. We also use CAD system software to ensure your product will arrive just as you custom designed and dreamed.

Our Story

Our story drives our passion. Our passion is high end audio and high end audio racks & furniture. We saw an immediate need for displaying top of the line home audio and theater audio products. Our goal and mission was to display in a fashion that not only makes sense by design but is ultimately appealing to all. A showcase that is memorable. We go the extra mile by having Amish hands build the actual wood shelves which can be made from various exotic woods. A product that lives up to its 100% Designed and Built in USA Name. Audio Vault USA!

Audio Vault USA Enthusiasts

We are true audio and video enthusiasts. From Sansui, Marantz, Sony, Technics, Denon, Rotel, and about every other make and model we may have elected not to mention, we love audio & video. Being such enthusiasts drives our passion to create the ability to display these classic audio machines in the most classy way possible. Browse our site and see what our team is capable of delivering. We can sum it up in one word... "Quality" Audio Vault USA.

Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

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Imagine it, Dream It, We build it....

Have an idea? Big or small, short or tall... we can deliver. Click to get started with your idea, comment, question or send an emoji. Whatever the case we will always reply quickly with a smile 🙂