The harmony between style and performance is made possible in this Audio Vault USA Executive Series by starting with nothing but the finest aluminum extrusions. We pride ourselves in offering integrated vibration control and dampening standard in your Executive Series. This is achieved by creating a buffer for your equipment in relation to the platform it resides on. All of our wooden platforms are handmade locally with over 100 years of experience.  We expressly recommend for any reference audio system to consider our industry leading Isolation Platforms.

Standard Configurations:


Executive Amp/Speaker Stand:

  • This is a new amp/speaker stand that has a 3/4″ black composite platform with silver matte finish extrusions.  This unit is approximately 5 inches tall by 22.5 inches square.  There are 4 adjustable feet and 4 visco elastic decouplers that add vibration control. This unit has an amazing weight capacity of around 350 pounds.

Executive Amp/Speaker Stand with Maple Top (Level 1 Isolation):


This is a beautifully hand crafted solid maple top with level 1 isolation, vibration, EMF and RFI control. It sits on 4 gold spikes. The maple platform is 1.125 inches thick with the composite platform being 0.75 inches thick and the shielding layer is 0.2 inches thick. This amp stand is built to hold massive amps and speakers.  All made in the USA.  We offer discounts when buying multiple stands.

Executive Single:  

  • Our Single is great for anyone that is looking for a small scale setup or is limited on space for their sound stage. This is a great option for the entry level audiophile with its fully adjustable platforms. The system can easily be expanded down the road and turned into a double or even a triple. This is all possible by the unique modular configuration.

This particular example truly emphasizes how flexible these systems are. When we say infinitely customizable we mean it!

Executive Single with Maple Top (Level 1 Isolation):


Please enjoy our beautifully handcrafted maple platforms. They can be custom made to any stain you may desire. Our standard rich Cabernet is displayed to the left.

This example is also our Level 1 Isolation Platform. We would expressly recommend at least level 1 for all equipment but a necessity for turntables and amplifiers.

Executive Double: 

  •  Audio Vault USA spares no expense when it comes to quality. Longevity was kept in mind with these racks with fully adjustable solid aluminum extrusions and the capability to expand down the road with our modular frame design.
    Some other added benefits of this rack are the massive weight capacities because of the patented platform cam locking system. Also, our racks come standard with passive vibration control with the option to upgrade to our Level 1 or 2 isolation platforms for the audiophile in all of us.
    This rack is equipped with 6 of our Standard Black Platforms.  The dimensions are as follows:
    W: 43.5″ D: 22.5″ H: 27.75″+/- 1″ per adjustable feet. This should be more than enough for the aspiring audiophile to have a great base to grow his collection all the way to the established audiophile who is looking for a new home to truly showcase their equipment.

Executive Triple:

  • This is where Audio Vault USA truly becomes the center hub for your sound stage. It gives such a nice compromise between modern and classy. Our Triple has so many options we cannot even list all of them. Please contact us for a free quote for your dream configuration and we will work around the clock to ensure you have exactly what you want. After all these racks will TRANSFORM YOUR SOUND STAGE in many ways, both aesthetically and acoustically.

Executive Triple with Maple Top (Full Width):

This is a wonderful way to create a BOLD statement for your sound stage by coupling the warmth and soul of the handcrafted Full Length Maple Top Platform. This particular example is hand stained in our rich signature Cabernet.

It brings a certain serenity to mind when you are enjoying your music. This configuration does a fantastic job of satisfying many with a beautiful compromise between modern and classy. All while truly making your equipment stand out like it has never before.


This is the section where we tell the kid in you to dream BIG!

If you have a grand idea for the sound stage your equipment will be displayed on, but are having a hard time finding the perfect blend of materials and configuration for your equipment, then please contact us for a free quote.

One of our specialists will work with you to create your dream system that will transform your sound stage and become an iconic part of your home. Once the plans are drawn and materials are chosen, we will issue an estimated lead time and keep open communication all the way through the process until your equipment has its new home.