Our Isolation platforms are a proprietary multi-layered composite material engineered to provide superb vibration control, a solid acoustical barrier and thermal insulation.

Audio Vault USA Amp Stand with Level 1 Isolation

The two isolation layers are constructed of a 1/8″ closed cell urethane foam which decouples the core material from the source and maintains an airspace for thermal insulation. The thin lead center layer is a floating wall, which, because of its high mass and relative thinness, is one of the most effective acoustic barrier materials available.

Noise entering the isolation platform is reflected by this dense lead layer. One of the neoprene foam layers will create an “airspring” that floats or decouples the dense layer of lead. It is this airspring that allows for the reflection of high energy soundwaves and prevents the sound energy from passing through the dense layer. The foam layer does not absorb sound nor does it “filter” because it is far too thin to absorb high energy, low frequency sound waves. Be wary of companies claiming that the foam by itself is an effect tool.
Some of the benefits of our isolation include:

  • Maximum noise reduction with minimum added weight
  • Impervious to moisture and harsh liquid
  • Isolates EMF/ RFI etc. from the rest of the system


Please contact an Audio Vault USA specialist to discuss all the benefits of adding these platforms to your next custom system.