This is an example of a triple rack with beautiful wooden fascia.

Options on this rack include:

  • Custom wooden fascia
  • Triple split top
  • Massive weight capacities
  • Unlimited Customizations

This is a stunning 36″ Single rack with 4 Black Platforms.

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Audio Vault USA racks are designed with the audiophile in mind. With our open air design, it allows for phenomenal heat distribution and looks beautiful in the process.

This was a recent photo from Tony in Michigan!

One thing that we love about these racks is that they truly give your equipment the opportunity to shine. As seen here the McIntosh equipment looks absolutely stunning!

He opted for the Solid Maple Level 1 isolation for his turntable.  Our isolation platforms are a great way to help eliminate unwanted noises in your music. As any true audiophile strives for pure sound, we help to get them there.

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Merkle Audio Video, Inc. was very pleased with the single they purchased. They are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana which happens to be where all the magic happens for Audio Vault USA!

All of our racks are custom designed and manufactured right here in the USA. When purchasing an AV rack from us you will have the confidence and pride that you are buying a product built with quality put first.

We have many checks and balances to ensure that our end product is both consistent and made to the best of our abilities.